Well, well well. As we enter into the second international break of the season people who watch football up and down the country have started to establish their fantasy team for the season, the tables are starting to form a sort of pattern seperating the men from the kids. Seperating the football geniuses from the laughing stocks. It’s only natural that if you had a bad week on Fantasy Team you better make sure you have the best excuse possible as your going to get laughed at for the next five working days until the next set of fixtures roll around.

Here at the UTV Podcast family we are all about the inclusion of fans, giving the fans a platform to voice their opinions and thats why we created our very own Fantasy League free for viewers of the channel to compete against us and each other to see who would come out on top and it hasn’t disappointed.

Starting off strong and finding himself in 1st place at this early stage is ‘McMeatballs’ (Matthew Smith) with a healthy 19 point gap from ‘The Last Jedinak’ (Martyn Dutton) in second place. Not too far behind that rounding up the podium places is VillaboyLC (Jacob Parkes) with 268 points to date.

Now, if you find yourselves towards the bottom end of the table look away. Our loser so far slowly trotting along at the back is ‘Aston Villa’ (Tracey Bishop’ with 128 points. Fix up Tracey!

Now onto the people you see very reguarly behind the camera providing you content on the UTVPodcast around the clock. Luckily, thanks to Zack Robinson’s incompetence he’s saving my blushes as he’s the lowest down out of all of us 5 with 178 points. However, saying that I find myself 3 places higher with only two more points. It’s time to start looking over my shoulder to make sure I do not become the lowest down UTVPodcast member! Moving up to 40th place, leaving us behind with 216 points is Ryan. He’s had a good start considering he’s new to Fantasy Football. However, it’s a marathon not a sprint; dont get complacent Mckeown! Moving up again towards the top end of the table is the founder of the podcast Luke Robinson with 241 points. Now Luke is my boss and prefferably I’d like to keep my job so I am just going to give you a well done Luke and hope you keep up the good scores….. Wow and doing the podcast members proud, sitting the highest of us all is the big man Justin Hawthorne with 252 points. Careful Justin, your so high up the table you might get a nosebleed!

Just remember viewers, there is still 34 gameweeks to go. This is a marathon not a sprint. I’ll see you at the finish line!

Check your league position here.

Up The Villa.