Happy New Year! Welcome to a year of repair, rebuilding and recovering from the harsh blows that 2020 served us all. There are a few teams in this league that are in need of desperate repair, especially the utvpodcast contributors, but for this round-up I’ll concentrate on the guys at the top!

In 5th place by the skin of his teeth is Liam Bryan (Farcelona- 1046 points) nestling within the top 5 by only 4 points. Do not let it slip Liam!

Sitting comfier in 4th place is Matthew Smith (McMeatballs- 1063 points). However, Matthew will have a slight cause for concern after seeing he has plummeted from 1st place down to 4th. It was only recently we were all singing your praise Matthew mate, it seems as though you have left your meatballs unattended for too long in the oven and they are starting to burn, or in your case deflate! Without giving the game away too early you are a sizeable distance off the top mate. You have done a prime Leeds and blown it in the festive season.

Now let us make our way into the top 3, this is really where the men are separated from the boys. The men who can look at their performance and gloat to all their mates that they are truly the top dog. Sitting in the bronze medal position is in fact Stephen Trott (Barmys Army- 1086 points) however he will have his focus solely placed on snatching back that second spot as the race for the silver medal podium could not be any tighter with 2nd and 3rd separated by just a point!

Heading into the halfway spot and those two are neck to neck, and the player Stephen is chasing so eagerly is Martyn Dutton (The Last Jedinak 1087 points). Martyn without wanting to worry you mate it might be time to sit up and start defending. Putting your body on the line, parking the bus if you like.

Now here it is, the real reason your all here. Sat at the top of the table laughing away is none other than Ryan Waldron (Ryan Munich- 1093 points). However, Ryan it is not time to reach for the champagne just yet, with a bad week potentially seeing you land yourself back in 3rd due to only being 7 points ahead of 3rd and just 6 ahead of 2nd. Hang in there Ryan!


Well done all, and Up The Villa.


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