A disappointing day inside Villa Park, as we blow a 2-0 lead to lose 2-3 to Midland rivals Wolverhampton Wanderers!

Matchday at B6 is always a special occasion; yes, of course, the result plays a considerable part in the final overall experience, but whether it’s your first or hundredth game, meeting up with friends, family or coming along on your own and making new friends it’s always a memorable occasion!

So I asked fans to share their photos to capture their matchday experience.

@Crouchy_UTV struggled to get parked today, so ended up on the other side of the expressway.
Here’s a nice picture of Evie walking down to Holte End past Aston Hall at 5mins to 3pm; cutting it fine. 🤣UTV

B6 Ben pictured with Villa royalty!

Mr G (@villian9998) enjoyed his prematch fish and chips!

My view as Luke and me grab a couple of prematch beers in the Upper Holte bar.

Making her Villa Park debut was Sarah Louise, who was up bright and early for a 4am flight! Thanks for sharing your day Stephen Hoey.

Alex Vitsileos’ view from the Lower Holte!

@owenguran “Not the result any of us wanted but was great to be back at Villa Park, drive home to Devon wasn’t too bad and got to see the legend Mick too. Wasn’t all bad today!”

Great shot from Beckie!

A view from my seat in K7!

Matt King capturing his lad at the game with this arty shot! Actually thought it was Buendia when he sent it in! 😂

We’ll finish it with a shell shocked Luke Robinson as we struggle to find the words for the fan cam to sum up, our performance!

Going West Ham at B6? Why not get involved and send us your pics. Drop me a message – Ryan.



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